Quilted Iconography: Practicing Resurrection Week 5

Studying holy images has become a lost discipline in many faith communities, but it has deep roots in almost every tradition. Using sections of her Underground Railroad quilt as guides, Barbara Rogerson will help us see how visual arts can bring forth deep spiritual truths, and how sharing those in the context of community can enhance our collective theology of justice for the oppressed.

Lenten Sunday Gatherings: Practicing Resurrection

What does Lent look like when you move the focus away from mortality and toward resurrection?

Jan. 31 Gathering: Seeking Aliveness Part 4: Word

Ask a lot of people these days what their relationship is with the Bible, and you’ll hear, “it’s complicated.” For a book that’s supposed to have all the answers, it leaves most of us with just more questions.

Jan. 24 Gathering: Seeking Aliveness Part 3: Spirit

When we think about Spirit, is it something that simply inspires us in our private lives, through provoking certain thoughts, ideas, or actions? Or do we see Spirit as something that might move us collectively in the larger spheres of our public lives and interactions?

Jan. 17 Gathering: Seeking Aliveness Part 2: Jesus

Many of us find ourselves in a place where we feel disenfranchised from institutional religion. A lot of us are finding that “church” in the ways we’ve always known it just isn’t working anymore. And yet, we still find Jesus compelling. We find the Gospels to tell a story within which we still want to center ourselves.

Jan. 10 Gathering: Seeking Aliveness Part 1: Faith

How do we view our faith traditions in light of their influence on our public lives? How can we institute practices that criticize the bad by practicing the better?

Jan. 3 Gathering: Disturbing Herod

Does the Epiphany story hold any meaning for us today? Are there imperialist leaders, systems, and structures that need to hear anew the challenge of a movement of the people of Jesus to topple the powers and principalities of greed, oppression, and marginalization?

Dec. 27 Gathering: The Watch Night Tradition

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll talk about what it means to be a community that watches and prays for emancipation and freedom as we head into 2021. We’ll discuss what we are waiting to be emancipated from and, more importantly, how we can be agents of emancipation for others who are still experiencing oppression and marginalization in our world today.


This Christmas Eve, we invite you to join us in a special visual liturgy and community love feast in the progressive Wesleyan tradition as we gather virtually to reflect on the incarnation and the holy revelation of the divine within the material.