Feb. 20 Gathering: How we experience Divine Presence in online communities

Is there something inherently different about groups that meet online vs. those that gather in person? Does everyone have to be in the same place at the same time, or can engaging with and discussing content asynchronously create its own kind of community?

Oct. 3 Gathering: A Dissident Eucharist for Spiritual Exiles

What if we could see the sacraments not just as rites we participate in as individuals for our own private spiritual experiences, but as subversive acts that emancipate whole communities and liberate those who exist on the margins of public policy and institutions?

June 20 Gathering: Helen Ryde of Reconciling Ministries Network

We are very excited to have Helen Ryde (they/them), organizer with the Reconciling Ministries Network, as our guest for this week‘s gathering!


This Christmas Eve, we invite you to join us in a special visual liturgy and community love feast in the progressive Wesleyan tradition as we gather virtually to reflect on the incarnation and the holy revelation of the divine within the material.

Oct. 4 Gathering: World Communion, St. Francis, and the Universal Christ

If you’re looking to discover or re-discover something holy, but traditional “church” isn’t for you, we might be just the community you’ve been hoping for.

Sept. 6 Gathering: The holiness of work

As we gather together this Labor Day weekend, we at New Wineskins want to celebrate the holiness of work and the various labor movements that have and continue to fight for the rights of working class people around the world.