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Oct. 4 Gathering: World Communion, St. Francis, and the Universal Christ

If you’re looking to discover or re-discover something holy, but traditional “church” isn’t for you, we might be just the community you’ve been hoping for.

The feast days and sacraments tie us to the earth, and the earth ties us to the Divine.

St. Francis, widely recognized as the Patron Saint of Nature, and the Franciscan Order that took his name, embody a view that God exists in all things. They insist that the Creation itself is the original revelation of the divine.

If that’s true, of course, it means that whenever we participate in the sacramental act of the Eucharist, or communion, we symbolically become one with God and with everything…including one another.

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll celebrate both World Communion Sunday and the Feast Day of St. Francis with a visual liturgy and conversation about the unifying act of communion and how it draws us into a deeper, more loving relationship with the cosmos.

We will interact with films by The Work of the People, including this video featuring Fr. Richard Rohr’s explanation of the Universal Christ.

Join us this Sunday, Oct. 4, in our New Wineskins Virtual Pub to be part of the experience. If you like, have a glass of wine (or grape juice if you prefer) and some bread or rolls as you participate so that we can virtually and symbolically come together at the table.

Happy Half-Hour Zoom connection opens at 6:00pm
Visual liturgy & conversation start at 6:30pm

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