Sept. 25 Gathering: Crossing over to love

What do we do when the trite platitudes of the church—the ones that say God won’t give you more than you can handle or that our trials only make us stronger—show themselves to be wildly inadequate?

(r)Advent Week 4: Love

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll end our (r)Advent journey with a discussion of how Love extended to those most oppressed and marginalized by our societal systems and structures is the heartbeat of reality and the key not only to their liberation, but our own.

Nov. 7 Gathering: The limitations of knowing

We know our experience as human beings is limited by time and space. But even that knowing is limited. For instance, science tells us that many animals have better senses of sight, hearing, and smell than we do. So what does that tell us about what we are even able to know? What if reality includes potentialities we simply can’t perceive?

Sept. 26 Gathering: Mutual Aid with Guest Speaker Wendy Hudson

If Mutual Aid is among the first biblical models of Christian community, why don’t we hear more about it? And why don’t more faith communities employ it as a means of resource sharing?