May 22 Gathering: Resurrection from “The Tyranny of the Now”

In a time when our news feeds and public discourse seems filled with hatred, violence, and victimization, how can we not only imagine a better future, but become agents of that future?

May 8 Gathering: Running from Resurrection?

Neurological science is now telling us that our brains train our neural pathways to obsess or fixate over negativity in a way we seem unable to do with joy and positivity. In a very real sense, conflict and pessimism can easily become our default setting, while delight and happiness require a constant, conscious choosing. And yet, people of deep faith—especially those who embrace contemplative practices—seem to be able to overcome these “natural” patterns.

April 24: Community Sabbath — No Gathering

About once every quarter our community takes a Sunday off for a collective Sabbath…a time to rest, re-calibrate, and re-focus. As we begin this Easter season we invite you to take a break from the routine this weekend. Spend some time with family or friends, enjoy the outdoors, cook a great meal for someone you love, or just take a nap!

Feb. 20 Gathering: How we experience Divine Presence in online communities

Is there something inherently different about groups that meet online vs. those that gather in person? Does everyone have to be in the same place at the same time, or can engaging with and discussing content asynchronously create its own kind of community?