(r)Advent Week 4: Love

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll end our (r)Advent journey with a discussion of how Love extended to those most oppressed and marginalized by our societal systems and structures is the heartbeat of reality and the key not only to their liberation, but our own.

(r)Advent Week 1: Hope

What does hope look like in the context of liberationist communities? For one thing, it means examining our roles in combatting climate change and lifting up its effects on marginalized communities.

Welcome to (r)Advent

This Advent season, we’ll engage with the traditional themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love and explore how they come to life in a justice-oriented community in a post-Christian world

New Wineskins Advent 2020

Advent is a story. Not just a story that happened but one that still happens. It’s a story of the divine breaking into humanity. It’s a story of how things are and the possibilities of what things can become.

Dec. 17 Gathering: Christmas Traditions – Finding Sacredness in the Ordinary

What if we began to recognize the sacredness in our ordinary routines? To find that behind the garland-covered mantles, the overbaked sugar cookies, the elves on assorted shelves, and the inside family jokes was something deeply holy?