Jan. 3 Gathering: Disturbing Herod

Does the Epiphany story hold any meaning for us today? Are there imperialist leaders, systems, and structures that need to hear anew the challenge of a movement of the people of Jesus to topple the powers and principalities of greed, oppression, and marginalization?


This Christmas Eve, we invite you to join us in a special visual liturgy and community love feast in the progressive Wesleyan tradition as we gather virtually to reflect on the incarnation and the holy revelation of the divine within the material.

Nov. 8 Gathering: The Road to Emmaus Revisited

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll take a fresh look at the story of the Emmaus Road from Luke 24:13-35 and see how it might reframe our cultural narrative in this time of tension and divisiveness.

Oct. 11 Gathering: Colonizing Appalachia and the “Holler Gospel” with Brad Davis

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll welcome our friend Rev. Brad Davis, a United Methodist pastor serving a congregation deep in the coalfields of West Virginia, for a conversation about coalfield justice and a movement he is birthing called “The Holler Gospel.”

Where Moth & Rust Destroy

We continue our Wineskins Workshops deep dive into the Sermon on the Mount this week with a look into Matthew 6:19-34 and what Jesus has to say about the things to which we assign value…especially systems and structures that tend to devalue the inherent dignity of the many for the benefit of the few.