Oct. 31 Gathering: Does God get what God wants? An All Saints Day liturgy for spiritual exiles

What if contradictions, doubt, and uncertainty have a purpose? What if the real key to knowing comes in the unknowing?

Oct. 3 Gathering: A Dissident Eucharist for Spiritual Exiles

What if we could see the sacraments not just as rites we participate in as individuals for our own private spiritual experiences, but as subversive acts that emancipate whole communities and liberate those who exist on the margins of public policy and institutions?

Sept. 26 Gathering: Mutual Aid with Guest Speaker Wendy Hudson

If Mutual Aid is among the first biblical models of Christian community, why don’t we hear more about it? And why don’t more faith communities employ it as a means of resource sharing?

June 20 Gathering: Helen Ryde of Reconciling Ministries Network

We are very excited to have Helen Ryde (they/them), organizer with the Reconciling Ministries Network, as our guest for this week‘s gathering!

June 13 Gathering: The Embodied Imago Dei

If what we call “God” is a trinity of three “persons,” and if we believe we are bearers of the imago dei (image of God), are we also trinitarian beings?