June 13 Gathering: The Embodied Imago Dei

If what we call “God” is a trinity of three “persons,” and if we believe we are bearers of the imago dei (image of God), are we also trinitarian beings?

May 23 Gathering: Re-Awakening the Spirit Within

Whatever passion leads us on the radical path toward transformation—and ultimately to sacrifice—is the unquenchable fire of the Divine Spirit within us…and all we must do to awaken it is to turn towards it and let it free.

May 2 Gathering: Reclaiming Gratitude

This Sunday we continue our Easter Season for Spiritual Exiles, “Reimagining Resurrection,” by reclaiming gratitude as a way of experiencing a faith based in trusting the abundance of divine love as the core of reality.

April 8 Gathering: Myth, Legend, and Scripture

But what if the people who first compiled these stories into the scriptural canon were less concerned with historical fact than with relating more nuanced levels of meaning? What if stories like the Exodus, Jonah, and Ruth are really more legend than memoir?