Deconstructing Holy Week

What if the sin and death Jesus overcomes is less about our own independent indiscretions than with our public and systemic tendencies to exploit, oppress, and marginalize those who dare stand against the status quo?

Jan. 22. Gathering: What’s Your Story? A conversation with Drew Willard

This week at New Wineskins, our own Drew Willard will lead us through a conversation to help us all examine more deeply the stories behind the stories that bring us together as a community.

Jan. 8 Gathering: Deconstructing Liturgy

Whether we’ve left the institutional church altogether or we remain there for our own reasons, most of us feel a profound disconnect between much of how the modern church behaves and what we believe to be the way of Jesus.

Oct. 31 Gathering: Does God get what God wants? An All Saints Day liturgy for spiritual exiles

What if contradictions, doubt, and uncertainty have a purpose? What if the real key to knowing comes in the unknowing?