There’s something happening here… Aug. 9 Gathering: Protest Art

This week at New Wineskins we’ll view, listen to, and discuss various forms of protest art—music, poetry, and visual art forms—from the perspective of how they impact us both individually and as a faith community.

July 6 Gathering: Who are we?

Whether you’re a long-time participant in New Wineskins, a recent attendee, or just someone who’s curious about our community, we invite you to be part of these important discussions that will help us explore our identity and begin to map out our future.

Where Moth & Rust Destroy

We continue our Wineskins Workshops deep dive into the Sermon on the Mount this week with a look into Matthew 6:19-34 and what Jesus has to say about the things to which we assign value…especially systems and structures that tend to devalue the inherent dignity of the many for the benefit of the few.