Jan. 31 Gathering: Seeking Aliveness Part 4: Word

Ask a lot of people these days what their relationship is with the Bible, and you’ll hear, “it’s complicated.” For a book that’s supposed to have all the answers, it leaves most of us with just more questions.

June 15 Gathering: Storytelling with Drew Willard

Biblical storytelling is a unique way to encounter and humanize the scriptures. This week, Rev. Drew Willard, a semi-retired pastor in the United Church of Christ, will walk us through a fun and fascinating look into the story of Jonah.

May 21 Gathering: The Bible Tells Me So?

Everyone has one. A favorite verse from scripture. Whether it’s something to help us remember a loved one, an inspiration of some kind, or a rule of life, we carry our favorite Bible verses close to the heart. Of course, plucking a single verse out of the library of stories, letters, poems, histories, genealogies, andContinue reading “May 21 Gathering: The Bible Tells Me So?”