Sept. 6 Gathering: The holiness of work

As we gather together this Labor Day weekend, we at New Wineskins want to celebrate the holiness of work and the various labor movements that have and continue to fight for the rights of working class people around the world.

July 16 Gathering: The Gabriel Project

The Gabriel Project of West Virginia benefits families without adequate financial resources to meet the tangible needs of a new baby. They provide necessary baby items, such as new cribs, new car seats, diapers, formula, clothing, and hygiene products at no or low cost to clients.

Nov. 13 Gathering: North Place Maternity House

This Sunday at New Wineskins, North Place’s Wendy Williams will join us to introduce us to the facility’s mission and vision and share how unconditional love is breaking through to transform the lives of new mothers and their children.

Sept. 18 Gathering – The Prayer of Jabez

Does God really want to grant us “enlarged territories” and pain-free lives? If so, what’s the deal? And if not, why would Jabez even warrant recognition in the Holy Scriptures?