Nov. 27 Gathering: Google Hangout with Tomeka Robinson

We love it when our New Wineskins friends do awesome things in the world.¬†Tomeka Robinson, who was part of our charter group when we started meeting back in May 2014, certainly fills the bill. Now coaching debate at Hofstra University in New York, Tomeka spearheaded¬†a forum back in September on Islamaphobia, seeking to raise theContinue reading “Nov. 27 Gathering: Google Hangout with Tomeka Robinson”

Sept. 18 Gathering – The Prayer of Jabez

Does God really want to grant us “enlarged territories” and pain-free lives? If so, what’s the deal? And if not, why would Jabez even warrant recognition in the Holy Scriptures?

May 1 Gathering: Revealing Revelation

With its bizarre symbolism, violent conflicts, and epic scale, it’s no wonder Revelation has captured both the Christian and cultural imagination. But do we truly understand what St. John’s vision is really all about?

April 17 Gathering: Oh Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble!

What is it about humbleness that’s so attractive, yet so difficult? Could it be that our humility might be the most compelling thing about us and our churches?

April 3 Gathering — Crucifixion and Resurrection: Theologies of the Cross

Is it critical that all Christians agree on these matters? Or is there room for honest and deeply felt differences of opinion and doctrine?

Feb. 28 Gathering: A Radical Reorientation

What if “repenting” has less to do with behavior modification and more to do with a whole new way of being? What if it’s not so much about the bad habits or sins we need to give up, but a radical reorientation of our lives?

Nov. 22 Gathering — How do we respond to terror?

As our prayers go out to the cities where these attacks occurred and the friends and families of the victims, some serious questions arise for those of us who seek to follow Jesus.

March 8 Gathering: Open Forum

It’s Open Forum week at New Wineskins! Our March 8 gathering will be open to whatever topics you’d like to discuss. So what’s on your mind? What questions are you struggling to answer? What issues need deeper conversation? Where do you need hope? Where do you see hope happening? As always, the only ground ruleContinue reading “March 8 Gathering: Open Forum”