June 5 Gathering: What will the church of the future be?

Are we just trying to feed an irreparably broken model for what the church is and how it works? Or are there ways to redeem the church? To reinvent it for new generations of people who view the world through much different lenses than those who came before?

June 28 Gathering: Guest Speaker Dina Andrews–Helping Lift People from Poverty

Poverty is not just an issue. It’s people. As followers of Jesus, how can we reach into the lives of people in poverty and show them authentic love and support?

May 17 Gathering — Less = More: A story of abundance

We’re all about story here at New Wineskins, and this week we’re thrilled to welcome a great storyteller with an amazing story to tell!

May 3 Gathering: Future Past–How can church history show us where we’re going?

How can looking at our past help us understand who we are in the present? And, perhaps most importantly of all, how can it help us imagine our future?

March 8 Gathering: Open Forum

It’s Open Forum week at New Wineskins! Our March 8 gathering will be open to whatever topics you’d like to discuss. So what’s on your mind? What questions are you struggling to answer? What issues need deeper conversation? Where do you need hope? Where do you see hope happening? As always, the only ground ruleContinue reading “March 8 Gathering: Open Forum”