Nov. 13 Gathering: North Place Maternity House

This Sunday at New Wineskins, North Place’s Wendy Williams will join us to introduce us to the facility’s mission and vision and share how unconditional love is breaking through to transform the lives of new mothers and their children.

July 24 Gathering: Scorpions, Snakes, and a Prayer

Why does Luke’s version of this prayer differ from Matthew’s, where it appears in the midst of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount? Is it the same prayer taught in a different context? Or is Luke’s agenda different? Why does it matter? And what’s all this about snakes and scorpions?

April 17 Gathering: Oh Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble!

What is it about humbleness that’s so attractive, yet so difficult? Could it be that our humility might be the most compelling thing about us and our churches?

June 28 Gathering: Guest Speaker Dina Andrews–Helping Lift People from Poverty

Poverty is not just an issue. It’s people. As followers of Jesus, how can we reach into the lives of people in poverty and show them authentic love and support?

December 14 Gathering: Christmas Love Feast

God loves you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The “Love Feast,” or Agape Feast, is a practice that traces all the way back to the early church when believers would gather around a common table for a meal, fellowship, and conversation before hearing God’s word proclaimed and celebrating the Eucharist. A millenniumContinue reading “December 14 Gathering: Christmas Love Feast”

Oct. 26 Gathering: “Unequally Yoked?” How should Christian communities engage other faith traditions?

“Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?” 1 Corinthians 6:14 In our pluralistic culture, more religious and non-religious traditions exist within the same space than perhaps any time in modern history. Interestingly, even as many Christian communities bemoan this diversity of belief systems and worldviews,Continue reading “Oct. 26 Gathering: “Unequally Yoked?” How should Christian communities engage other faith traditions?”

October 12 Gathering: Open Forum

What’s on your mind? What conversations should we be having more of? What issues do you want to shed more light on? As people trying to live into the principles of New Wineskins, how do we navigate the often stormy waters of religion, faith, and culture? This Sunday at New Wineskins we’ll break the routine andContinue reading “October 12 Gathering: Open Forum”

Sept. 28 Gathering — You have heard it said, but I tell you…

One of the enduring challenges of Christianity over the past two millennia has been how to interpret and reconcile the various writings that make up the canon of scripture. The Bible simply is not as clear and straightforward as we’d often like to believe. Among the most vexing issues we face is how to make the theContinue reading “Sept. 28 Gathering — You have heard it said, but I tell you…”

Sept. 14 Gathering — When Community and Grace Collide

What happens when we embrace uncertainty for is healing power, and reckless love becomes a way of life?

July 20 Gathering: Gender Roles–Enslaved or Empowered?

Do our perceptions of gender trap us in rigid boxes, or do they empower us to be more fully human? This week (July 20), we’ll discuss biblical concepts of gender, misconceptions, and more empowering ways of viewing our unique contributions to the human project. We’ll look at some of the passages that have been traditionallyContinue reading “July 20 Gathering: Gender Roles–Enslaved or Empowered?”