June 28 Gathering: Guest Speaker Dina Andrews–Helping Lift People from Poverty

Poverty is not just an issue. It’s people. As followers of Jesus, how can we reach into the lives of people in poverty and show them authentic love and support?

Sept. 14 Gathering — When Community and Grace Collide

What happens when we embrace uncertainty for is healing power, and reckless love becomes a way of life?

July 6 Gathering: Guest Speaker — Jake Kaufman

Mark your calendars now for our next gathering on Sunday, July 6, when we welcome Jake Kaufman to New Wineskins. Jake is a writer, speaker, artist and creative strategist who has appeared at a number of local churches and events over the past several years. His blog, jkstories.com, celebrates the places where human brokenness andContinue reading “July 6 Gathering: Guest Speaker — Jake Kaufman”