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March 22 Gathering: “God has a plan…” ??


“God has a plan for your life.” It’s one of those phrases we hear over and over again.

And while the statement may be true enough, discovering just what that plan is and how to live into it may be one of the most daunting, troubling, confusing things we poor humans have to deal with. From career decisions to choices about families, dating, church selection and more, we’re constantly seeking to figure out just what it is God wants us to do.

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll talk about how we discern God’s will and how we make decisions consistent with it. We’ll also see how our understanding of this mystery plays out across the wide generational diversity in our group.

Join us in the 167 Side Room of the Marietta Brewing Company this Sunday and add your voice to the conversation!

Happy Half-Hour: 6:30pm

Conversation Begins: 7:00pm

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