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April 3 Gathering — Crucifixion and Resurrection: Theologies of the Cross


It’s without question the most identifiable symbol of the Christian faith. It is central not only to the celebration of Easter, but to the very identity of the people who follow Jesus. We replicate it in our sanctuaries, wear it on our necks, tattoo it on our bodies, mount it in public spaces, and display it in our homes.

But what exactly does the Cross mean? Why was Jesus crucified, and what is the significance of resurrection? While these might seem to be fundamental questions, there is quite a bit of scholarly and theological debate over theologies of the Cross and the various atonement theories different faith communities embrace.

Is it critical that all Christians agree on these matters? Or is there room for honest and deeply felt differences of opinion and doctrine?

This Sunday at New Wineskins we’ll take a look at some of those theories and discuss what meaning(s) we can appropriate from the Cross (be sure to check our Facebook page for links to articles discussing the “penal substitution” and “Christus victor” theories). We’ll also talk about how seemingly contradictory theological perspectives might manifest themselves in how we live, and how we can seek to allow them to exist alongside one another among people of goodwill.

Join us this Sunday, April 3, at the Marietta Brewing Company as we resume our ever-other-week schedule after our Easter break and enjoy the challenge of digging into a little deep theology. Come with an open mind and open heart (not to mention an open appetite)!

Happy Half-Hour: 6:30pm

Conversation Begins: 7:00pm

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