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Jan. 17 Gathering: Seeking Aliveness Part 2: Jesus

Many of us find ourselves in a place where we feel disenfranchised from institutional religion. Whether our faith traditions fail to adequately address the issues we face in everyday life, cause harm to people who don’t conform to doctrinal prejudices, embrace partisan political stances that are antithetical to their stated beliefs, or are simply stuck in old ways of thinking and being that lack relevance, a lot of us are finding that “church” in the ways we’ve always known it just isn’t working anymore.

And yet, we still find Jesus compelling. We find the Gospels to tell a story within which we still want to center ourselves.

“Seeking Aliveness: Jesus” is the second in a four-part series our community is using as a focal point for the season after Epiphany. In this week’s segment, Brian McLaren invites us into a conversation about how we get stuck in the conformity of traditions rather than following the radical, innovative, counter-cultural way of Jesus we see modeled in scripture.

Join us this Sunday, Jan. 17, in our New Wineskins Virtual Pub for a conversation in community about what it means to be alive in the adventure of Jesus in a world where economic injustice, militarization, environmental destruction, and racial inequality demand our attention as people following the way of the Christ.

Zoom connection opens at 6:00pm for Happy Half-Hour
Conversation begins at 6:30pm

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