Jan. 17 Gathering: Seeking Aliveness Part 2: Jesus

Many of us find ourselves in a place where we feel disenfranchised from institutional religion. A lot of us are finding that “church” in the ways we’ve always known it just isn’t working anymore. And yet, we still find Jesus compelling. We find the Gospels to tell a story within which we still want to center ourselves.

Oct. 18 Gathering: Faith or Superstition?

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll dive into the question of authentic faith and superstition, asking where we draw those lines and how we might transcend belief systems that can, at worst, become antithetical to the Way of the Christ.

January 11 Gathering: Religion vs. Jesus

A generation ago, only a very few people might have suggested that there might be a difference between being a follower of the Christian religion and being a follower of Jesus himself. But today, it’s one of the central questions of our faith, and perhaps one of the most divisive. It’s been two years since spoken wordContinue reading “January 11 Gathering: Religion vs. Jesus”