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Jan. 31 Gathering: Seeking Aliveness Part 4: Word

Ask a lot of people these days what their relationship is with the Bible, and you’ll hear, “it’s complicated.”

For a book that’s supposed to have all the answers, it leaves most of us with just more questions.

How do we reconcile the stories of violence in all its forms—physical, emotional, spiritual, social, cultural, and economic? How do we deal with the obvious conflicts between one story and another? How do we respond to the patriarchal and often misogynistic language describing God?

We’ll dive into those questions and more this week at New Wineskins as we conclude our “Seeking Aliveness” series with Part 4: Word hosted by author, activist, and speaker Brian McLaren.

Join us this Sunday, Jan. 31, in our New Wineskins Virtual Pub as we unpack our relationships with the Bible and how they can inform the way we respond to it as individuals and communities.

6:00pm: Zoom Connection opens for Happy Half Hour
6:30pm: Conversation begins

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