May 17 Gathering — Less = More: A story of abundance

We’re all about story here at New Wineskins, and this week we’re thrilled to welcome a great storyteller with an amazing story to tell!

March 8 Gathering: Open Forum

It’s Open Forum week at New Wineskins! Our March 8 gathering will be open to whatever topics you’d like to discuss. So what’s on your mind? What questions are you struggling to answer? What issues need deeper conversation? Where do you need hope? Where do you see hope happening? As always, the only ground ruleContinue reading “March 8 Gathering: Open Forum”

Feb. 22 Gathering: Spiritual Practices

Prayer. Meditation. Study. Worship. Fasting. Silence. Sabbath. Service. Our spiritual life brings with it many opportunities for activities that help us grow closer to God and one another. Many bring us deep joy and satisfaction, but others sometimes seem to be difficult. Join us this Sunday, Feb. 22, at The Marietta Brewing Company as we talk about the various practicesContinue reading “Feb. 22 Gathering: Spiritual Practices”

Feb. 8 Gathering: Enslaved by Freedom?

As Americans, we enjoy the idea that we have broad guarantees to wide-ranging personal freedoms. In fact, there’s little we can imagine doing that we can’t do. Our individual rights are deeply ingrained in our psyches and our culture. But is it possible that our very freedoms are actually enslaving us? Is a social ethicContinue reading “Feb. 8 Gathering: Enslaved by Freedom?”

How we do what we do when we do what we do

There are so many different styles and elements to worship today that it’s hard to keep track. Trends rise and fall, and with them, often tensions. So what’s the difference? What is it about all the different ways we “do” worship that causes such anxiety? What’s the point in it all? Join us tonight asContinue reading “How we do what we do when we do what we do”

January 11 Gathering: Religion vs. Jesus

A generation ago, only a very few people might have suggested that there might be a difference between being a follower of the Christian religion and being a follower of Jesus himself. But today, it’s one of the central questions of our faith, and perhaps one of the most divisive. It’s been two years since spoken wordContinue reading “January 11 Gathering: Religion vs. Jesus”

December 14 Gathering: Christmas Love Feast

God loves you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The “Love Feast,” or Agape Feast, is a practice that traces all the way back to the early church when believers would gather around a common table for a meal, fellowship, and conversation before hearing God’s word proclaimed and celebrating the Eucharist. A millenniumContinue reading “December 14 Gathering: Christmas Love Feast”

Nov 23 Gathering — Sex and the Bible: Guest Speaker Chett Pritchett

  Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about sex? (Or maybe doesn’t say about sex?) Join Chett Pritchett, executive director of the Methodist Federation for Social Action, as he helps us explore assumptions about sex and sexuality found in Scripture (or not found in Scripture) and provides a different way of exploring bibleContinue reading “Nov 23 Gathering — Sex and the Bible: Guest Speaker Chett Pritchett”

An appeal: Your opinions are needed!

Dear friends of New Wineskins, We’ve recently had some new developments, and I need your input to help us navigate our future. First, if you’ve been attending regularly, I just want to say thank you! We’ve had some great conversations these past few months. If you haven’t been here for awhile, I hope you’ll comeContinue reading “An appeal: Your opinions are needed!”