Feb. 14 Gathering: Guest presenter Fr. Steve Peck — Who, then, shall be saved?

Does God preordain salvation, or do we have freedom to choose? What is God’s will, and does it make any difference?

Dec. 6 Gathering: Reading the Bible through the lens of oppression

Does the 21st Century American church read the bible through the lens of the heroes or the victims? How might our understanding of the world change if we chose the right perspective?

Nov. 22 Gathering — How do we respond to terror?

As our prayers go out to the cities where these attacks occurred and the friends and families of the victims, some serious questions arise for those of us who seek to follow Jesus.

October 11 Gathering: Jake Kaufman Returns!

This Sunday, Oct. 11, we are thrilled to welcome Jake Kaufman back to New Wineskins to share stories of inspiration from his most recent blog series, 15 Stories in 15 Weeks (#15Stories). A Mid-Ohio Valley native now living in Columbus, OH, Jake is a full-time writer and speaker who prefers his beer from a can.Continue reading “October 11 Gathering: Jake Kaufman Returns!”

Sept. 27 Gathering: Anthony Mossburg

Award-winning local singer-songwriter Anthony Mossburg will join us this Sunday at New Wineskins for a frank and in-depth conversation about art, faith, and the challenges that lie in the tension in between. A native of New Matamoras and graduate of Frontier High School, Anthony brings a “raw, gutsy, open and honest” quality to his musicContinue reading “Sept. 27 Gathering: Anthony Mossburg”

June 28 Gathering: Guest Speaker Dina Andrews–Helping Lift People from Poverty

Poverty is not just an issue. It’s people. As followers of Jesus, how can we reach into the lives of people in poverty and show them authentic love and support?