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Sept. 14 Gathering — When Community and Grace Collide


We spend a lot of time critiquing some of the issues and abuses in the church. But what about all of those times when the church gets it right? When communities come together to love and support people in their lowest moments? When something radical and mystical happens among a group of people who see a deep need and are compelled to fill it? When we learn to embrace uncertainty and discover its own healing power? When love becomes a verb, and when reckless love becomes a way of life?

Join us this week at The Marietta Brewing Company for a conversation on what it looks like when the church gets it right and how we can empower our churches to get it more right more often. Our guest speaker will be Rev. Elizabeth Campbell-Maleke, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Williamstown, WV. Elizabeth will guide us in a discussion of the importance of grace-filled community and what the church can learn from some specific examples in contemporary contexts.

Here’s some insight into what Elizabeth will be sharing:

Dear Friends, I am going to share with us a few short Scripture passages from Acts and Philippians (Specifically, Acts 2:42-47 and Phil 2:1-13), a mathematical concept (I’ll keep this one a surprise!), and then I’ll be sharing some insights and stories from two of my favorite contemporary authors, Kathleen Norris and Barbara Brown Taylor. I look forward to this time in community!

Invite a friend and join us for great food, drinks & conversation!

Happy Half-Hour: 6:30pm
Conversation Begins: 7:00pm

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