August 3 Gathering: Science & Faith: Mutually exclusive or inclusively mutual?

Does faith in the Bible necessarily mean we must reject the findings of science? Is the Bible meant to be an accurate description of the history of earth and humanity? Do we have to abandon our faith to embrace scientific evidence of origins? Or, is there a place where faith and science intersect, and revealContinue reading “August 3 Gathering: Science & Faith: Mutually exclusive or inclusively mutual?”

Q Ideas Tackles Faith vs. Science debate

With our upcoming Aug. 3 gathering set to focus on the science/faith false dichotomy in the church, I thought you might enjoy some of the conversation that’s happening on the topic elsewhere. I’ve been following Q Ideas ever since reading Gabe Lyons’ & David Kinnaman’s 2007 book, unChristian¬†(I also highly recommend Lyons’ 2010 follow-up book,¬†TheContinue reading “Q Ideas Tackles Faith vs. Science debate”

Upcoming Conversations…

One of the ongoing challenges of Christianity is dealing with false dichotomies in which we find ourselves as people who exist simultaneously in the world and the Kingdom. Our next few gatherings will address some of these issues and give us a chance to have some meaningful conversations with the goal of greater understanding. Here’sContinue reading “Upcoming Conversations…”