Aug. 31 Gathering – Creation Care and the Kingdom of God

Wildfire recovery area, Yellowstone National Park, July 2011
Wildfire recovery area, Yellowstone National Park, July 2011

More and more we’re seeing the church step up in issues regarding creation care, from climate change to recycling to sustainable living practices.

But what if our role is more than just a mandate for stewardship? What if we are called to something more, something deeper, something eternal when it comes to taking care of our planet?

Stop by our Aug. 31 gathering for a discussion on the role people of faith have to play in tending the garden for the kingdom of heaven. To spark your thinking, here’s an article my friend Will Wellman wrote for The EcoTheo Review last fall:

It’s The Church’s Turn

Just as the scientific community has played an integral part in raising awareness of climate change and its many impacts, the Church is called to combat the present deficit of concern.

See you Sunday night at the brewery!

Happy Half-Hour: 6:30pm
Conversation Begins: 7:00pm

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