Jan. 30 Gathering: Living on the cliffs of Nazareth

What happens when whole communities organize around Jesus’ prophetic call for justice and liberation rather than consumeristic comfort and institutional preservation?

Jan. 16 Gathering: Water, Wine, and the Beloved Community

Thus, turning water into fine wine is not just a magic trick meant to impress a bunch of wedding guests. It’s a way of showing what life can be like when the fullness of Divine Love is expressed in human relationships.

(r)Advent Week 4: Love

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll end our (r)Advent journey with a discussion of how Love extended to those most oppressed and marginalized by our societal systems and structures is the heartbeat of reality and the key not only to their liberation, but our own.

(r)Advent Week 1: Hope

What does hope look like in the context of liberationist communities? For one thing, it means examining our roles in combatting climate change and lifting up its effects on marginalized communities.