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New Wineskins Advent 2020

A virtual liturgy of incarnation for spiritual exiles

Advent is more than candles and Bible verses. It’s more than church services and religious traditions.

Advent is a story. Not just a story that happened but one that still happens.

It’s a story of the divine breaking into humanity. It’s a story of how things are and the possibilities of what things can become.

It’s a story of incarnation. Of love coming alive in human beings and human communities.

For some of us, that story has become increasingly hard to hear through the noise of organized religion and its institutions. It’s a story that’s too often been coopted by the powerful and the privileged.

That’s why New Wineskins is offering something new this Advent season: A Virtual Liturgy of Incarnation for Spiritual Exiles. Together, we’ll explore the narratives that make up the story of Advent.

Experience this Advent in a whole new way, as our shared voices bring our mutual story to life.

  • Nov. 29: Mark 13:24-37 — “Near” (Steve & Carol Peck)
  • Dec. 6: Mark 1:1-8 — “See” (Barbara & Russell Rogerson)
  • Dec. 13: John 1:6-8, 19-28 — “Light” (Kevin Malcomb)
  • Dec. 20: Luke 1:26-38 — “Perplexed” (Chris Wylie)
  • Dec. 24: Community Christmas Eve Vigil (4:00-4:30pm)*

Even though our gatherings are virtual rather than in person, we see ourselves very much as being gathered at a community table. Feel free to enjoy food & drink during our time together. If you are so inclined, you may light candles within your home during each week’s reflections to symbolize our shared experience.

  • Zoom connection opens at 6:00pm for Happy Half-Hour (meet & greet)
  • Conversation starts at 6:30pm

*Please note: Zoom connection for our Christmas Eve Vigil will open at 3:50pm. Gathering time will begin promptly at 4:00.

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