July 24 Gathering: Close but Different

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll continue our summer series on community and connectedness with a conversation about how community and diversity go hand-in-hand within a broader culture that too often sacrifices unity at the altar of uniformity.

July 17 Gathering: Go Deeper

This week at New Wineskins we’ll continue our our summer series on Community & Connectedness with a conversation about how going deeper in the context of community helps people connect on the most relational levels and how those connections work together to build transformative communities.

July 3: Community Sabbath (No Gathering)

Once every 3 months we take a break from our weekly gatherings to provide space for rest and renewal. It’s one of the spiritual practices that are part of the rhythm of our community. We’ll reconvene for our regular Sunday night gatherings on July 10. See you then!

June 26 Gathering: Objectifying God

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll conclude our 3-week session on Trinitarian Spirituality by discussing the ways we objectify God and the spiritual practices that help us break down our dualistic thinking habits to embrace the idea that God cannot be known, only loved.

June 12 Gathering: Everything Has Meaning

What does it mean to say that everything has meaning? Where & how does dualistic thinking cause us to miss divine meaning and divine presence? How does a deep Trinitarian spirituality lead to the kind of radical inclusiveness Jesus appears to model but our churches so often reject?