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Aug. 14 Gathering: Hurt or Heal?

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Have you or someone you know ever been part of a faith community that uses shame to control or manipulate its members?

Have you ever turned to the church for healing and been hurt instead?

Does being hurt by a faith community make you more or less likely to turn to spirituality for the healing you need?

These are some of the questions we’ll tackle this week at New Wineskins as we continue our summer series on Community & Connectedness with a conversation about how churches and faith communities can choose to intentionally be places of healing for the spiritually traumatized.

This week’s video from The Work of the People features author, speaker, and activist Brené Brown talking about ways that faith communities and leaders make that choice and the consequences of control & manipulation narratives not just on their congregants, but society as a whole.

Join us This Sunday, Aug. 14, in our New Wineskins Virtual Theology Pub to talk about how we can continue to build a community where healing spiritual trauma is among our primary core values.

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6:00pm EST: Happy Half-Hour (informal meet & greet time)
6:30pm EST: Presentation & conversation begin

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