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A New Wineskins Easter Season: Reimagining Resurrection

For many of us following the spiritual tradition of Jesus, the Pandemic year of 2020 into the first part of 2021 has seemed like an extended Lent…a season of confronting our mortality. A season of searching for the way of repentance as a radical reorientation of the way we participate in life and community.

During the Season of Easter, which runs from Resurrection Sunday to Pentecost, our community will reflect on what it looks like to begin to emerge from the extended Lent of Pandemic that has been marked not just by Coronavirus, but also by our confrontation with injustice and oppression in its many forms: racism, white supremacy, homophobia, classism, and more.

Following the liturgical pattern of Litany, the shared prayers of the people, we‘ll interact with video content from The Work of the People featuring a broad diversity of theological voices.

Sunday, April 11: Community Sabbath

Sunday, April 18: Reclaiming Joy (featuring José Humphreys)

Sunday, April 25: Rediscovering Belief (featuring Malcolm Guite)

Sunday, May 2: Reclaiming Gratitude (featuring Diana Butler-Bass)

Sunday, May 9: Resisting Empire (featuring Brian Zahnd)

Sunday, May 16: Recovering Freedom (featuring Lisa Sharon Harper)

Sunday, May 23: Pentecost: Reawakening the Spirit Within (Featuring Barbara A. Holmes)

Join us in our New Wineskins Virtual Theology Pub Sunday evenings to participate in the conversation and experience the community.

6:00pm: Happy Half-Hour (informal meet & greet time)
6:30pm: Presentation & conversation begins


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