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Practicing Resurrection: A Lenten Liturgy for Spiritual Exiles / Week 2: Feb. 28-March 7

Writing or journaling from a specific prompt is a way for communities to experience collective consciousness through a diversity of creative expression. Chris Wylie leads our second week of Lent with the following prompts centered on the concept of resurrection. Use each day’s prompt to respond to in some type of written form. We may be surprised at how the holy reveals itself through our words.

Word Prompts Contemplation Exercise

(Vanderbilt Daily Lectionary Year B Complete Reading List)

Word Prompts

  • Monday March 1 – Remember
  • Tuesday March 2 – Tested
  • Wednesday March 3 – Restore
  • Thursday March 4 – Trust
  • Friday – March 5 – Send
  • Saturday March 6 – Approach

Note: Overlap of Psalms in particular but also in themes of the readings each day.

Each Day: Pray, Read, Reflect, Write

Writing Forms to Consider: Journaling, Reflection, Poetry, etc.

If you can’t think of anything, write about that. The goal is contemplation through writing.

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