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Feb. 7 Gathering: Open Forum

We get it. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. And whether you have a dog in the hunt or not, it’s a cultural moment. Even if you just want to watch the commercials.

But we also get that not everyone is interested in football. Some may even be conflicted about whether or not the game should be played while a global pandemic rages on.

With all of that in mind, New Wineskins will gather online this week for an informal, open discussion for those who wish to join. If you prefer to skip this week’s gathering, we promise no guilt or shame. You do you.

If you do decide to participate, we’ll do a bit of brainstorming about future ideas for our community, including how we may wish to celebrate Lent and Easter together. Just use the link below to join the New Wineskins Virtual Pub.

6:00pm — Zoom connection opens for Happy Half Hour (meet & greet time)
6:30pm — Conversation begins

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