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June is Guest Speaker Month!

We are very excited to announce a slate of guest speakers for the remainder of our gatherings in June 2020. Please plan to join us on Mondays at 6:30pm to welcome both old friends and new who will share with us some of the important work they’re doing in our world!

Monday, June 8:

David Finnegan-Hosey, author & mental health advocate, will be with us to talk about his new book, Grace is a Pre-Existing Condition. David first joined us in June 2018 after publishing his first book, Christ on the Psych Ward. We’ll talk about his latest work and how he managed to help channel thousands of dollars of proceeds toward the forgiveness of medical debt.

Monday, June 15

Rev. Drew Willard, a semi-retired pastor in the United Church of Christ living in Wildwood, FL, is an artist and storyteller, leading storytelling programs and workshops all over the US. Drew has joined several New Wineskins gatherings since our transition to an online community during the Covid-19 outbreak, and was recently a guest on the Accidental Tomatoes Podcast. Drew will talk to us about how a storytelling approach to the Bible can open new insights and understandings.

Monday, June 22

Jeanne Peters is the President of OutMOV, an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization providing social, educational, and community events in the Mid-Ohio Valley region. As part of New Wineskins’ celebration of June as Pride Month, Jeanne will talk with us about the work OutMOV is involved in, allyship between the straight and queer communities, and how people of faith can help advocate for LGBTQ+ issues.

Monday, June 29

Dr. Tomeka Robinson was one of the charter members of the New Wineskins community when she was serving as a professor at Marietta College during the time of our 2014 launch. Now an Associate Professor of Writing Studies and Rhetoric at Hofstra University in New York City, Tomeka is widely recognized as an expert in issues regarding race, gender, religion, and intersectionality. She’ll be joining us to talk about the importance of centering the voices of people in marginalized communities, especially in conversations around race, gender, and human sexuality.

All gatherings are held on Monday evenings at 6:30pm via the Zoom communications platform in our New Wineskins Virtual Pub. The Zoom connection opens at 6pm for casual introductions and conversation.

Visit our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute announcements and links to join our virtual gatherings.

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