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Feb. 10 Gathering: Growing spiritually

“Spiritual growth,” “spiritual development,” and “spiritual maturity” are big buzzwords in church world. Hundreds if not thousands of books have been written on the topics, and it’s a multibillion dollar industry.

In fact, some research indicates that even people who don’t identify as religious are still interested in learning about spirituality and engaging in spiritual practices.

But what does it really mean to be growing spiritually? What are the barriers we encounter? Does spiritual growth ever end? And if not, why do so many of us seem to get stuck along the way?

At our next New Wineskins Gathering we’re going to talk about how spiritual growth happens, what some researchers say about it, and how we can keep growing, no matter where we are in the process.

Join us Feb. 10 in the Side Room of the Marietta Brewing Company at 167 Front Street, Marietta, OH, as we share stories about growing in spirituality.

Happy half-hour: 6:00pm.

Discussion begins: 6:30pm

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