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Announcements: New Series, Guest Speakers, Fall Schedule

calendarpagesWith our return to our every-other-week format for the remainder of 2015, the New Wineskins home office is pleased to make a couple of announcements regarding upcoming weeks:

  1. Starting this Sunday (Sept. 13) we will launch a series on spiritual practices. This series will not necessarily occupy consecutive gatherings, but will be a recurring theme we will visit throughout the coming months.
  2. Anthony MossburgOn Sept. 27, we will welcome popular local singer-songwriter Anthony Mossburg, who will speak to us (among other things) about how faith informs his creative processes and some of the challenges that come with being labeled a “Christian” artist.
  3. Jake KaufmanOn Oct. 11, our friend Jake Kaufman will make his second visit to New Wineskins as a guest speaker. Jake has launched a new series on his blog titled “15 Stories in 15 Weeks.”

We are always open to new ideas for presentations, guest speakers, and artistic expressions. Contact us by email at MOVWineskins@gmail.com or on our Facebook page if you have ideas or suggestions!

Gathering dates for the rest of 2015 are as follows:

Sept. 13

Sept. 27

Oct. 11

Oct. 25

Nov. 8

Nov. 22

Dec. 6

Dec. 20

All gatherings are held in the 167 Side Room of the Marietta Brewing Company and get underway with Happy Half-Hour at 6:30pm. Conversations start at 7:00.

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