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June 12 Gathering: Everything Has Meaning

Introducing a 3-part (what else?!) series on a progressive theology of the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity may be one of the most mysterious, difficult, and misunderstood concepts in all of Christianity. Besides not appearing specifically anywhere in Christian or Hebrew scriptures, it’s an idea that seems so open to interpretations and mostly un-helpful metaphors (eggs, pizza, shamrocks, etc.) that it becomes more confusing than constructive for most people.

But what if we looked at it through a larger lens? What if we saw trinitarian spirituality not just through the filters of religious tradition, but as a foundational concept in which all of reality is rooted?

Starting this week and continuing through the rest of June, we’ll explore trinitarian spirituality through a series of videos from The Work of the People featuring Fr. Richard Rohr as he unpacks some of the synergy between Trinitarian theology and philosophy, sociology, and even quantum physics.

Sunday June 12 (Trinity Sunday): Everything Has Meaning

What does it mean to say that everything has meaning? Where & how does dualistic thinking cause us to miss divine meaning and divine presence? How does a deep Trinitarian spirituality lead to the kind of radical inclusiveness Jesus appears to model but our churches so often reject?

Join us this Sunday, June 12, in our New Wineskins Virtual Theology Pub as we launch our 3-week series on Trinitarian Spirituality with a conversation about how a trinitarian worldview always leads us to more open, more inclusive, more diverse experiences of the divine, of humanity, and of the cosmos.

NEW! Preview our video for this Sunday! Want to prepare ahead for this week’s discussion? Can’t make our gathering but you want to see the video for future conversations? The Work of the People now allows limited video sharing without a subscription! You can watch the video anytime between now and next Monday (6/13). Just follow this link.

Coming up

June 19: The Pattern of the Trinity
June 26: Objectifying God
July 3: Quarterly Community Sabbath (no gathering)

6:00pm EST: Happy Half-Hour (informal meet & greet time)
6:30pm EST: Presentation & conversation begin

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