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(r)Advent Week 1: Hope

What does hope look like in the context of liberationist communities? For one thing, it means examining our roles in combatting climate change and lifting up its effects on marginalized communities.

For our first Sunday in (r)Advent, we’ll take a look at how climate change disproportionately impacts poor communities and how climate justice is about more than just saving the earth, but about liberating people from the multi-layered, deeply entangled systems that inequitable climate policies foment.

Please join us this Sunday, Nov. 28, in our New Wineskins Virtual Theology Pub as we examine the hope inherent for all people when we actively pursue climate justice as a radical act of reorientation toward love incarnate.

Week 1 Candle Lighting Liturgy:

I light one candle here for hope
and it is like a small lamp,
lighting a bedside table with open book,
after a long day,
the glow of heart monitor in ICU,
a headlamp for a hiker on an unfamiliar trail,
or a miner down a shaft,
a toddler’s paw-patrol nightlight,
or early-morning oven in a bakery.

We light one candle so we will remember
to notice this week’s ordinary lights of hope.

For ordinary and available to all
is the hope of Advent.

A Simple Advent Candle Lighting for Home or Church based on Howard Thurman’s “I will Light Candles this Christmas” and “This is Christmas” from The Mood of Christmas and Other Celebrations by Maren C. Tirabassi

6:00pm EST: Happy Half-Hour (informal meet & greet time)
6:30pm EST: Presentation & conversation begins

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