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May 29 Gathering: A lament for the victims of gun violence

Another senseless mass murder happened this week. Less than 2 weeks since the last one.

We’re all hurt. Sad. Angry. Frustrated. Disillusioned.

We feel trapped in a system that is so broken that it values guns over the lives of children (the same children, in many cases, that so-called “right to life” advocates insist have the value to be born but apparently not to live if it means surrendering their precious weapons).

How do we move beyond this impasse? How do we turn “thoughts and prayers” into concrete actions for change?

And maybe more importantly, exactly what kind of change is necessary in such a time? Is it merely legislation? Or does it require something more substantial? Something, dare we say, more theological?

For our gathering this Sunday, rather than our typical Q&A format, we’re going to engage in a time of lament. To express our cries of anguish, and—most importantly—to allow them to move us toward actions that both transcend and transform the broken times in which we live.

Together, we’ll read a “Litany in the Wake of a Mass Shooting” compiled and regularly updated by Bishops United Against Gun Violence, an activist group of bishops in the Episcopal Church.

Please sign up here to be one of our readers for the evening.

6:00pm EST: Happy Half-Hour (informal meet & greet time)
6:30pm EST: Presentation & conversation begin

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