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Maundy Thursday Reflection

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Water to Wash Feet

by Phuc Luu

Across deserts and dunes
Over hills and valleys
They journeyed for miles
The teacher and his disciples
Into the domains of untouchables
The undesirables
Where demonized dwell
Where the outcasts are abandoned
Their feet treading across
The terrain of their hearts

Sometimes uncertain where he would lead them
Sometimes into questionable situations and encounters
They were always together
To co-create the world
Joining his hands with theirs
One space at a time
One step at a time
Into boats across the Galilean waters
and unfamiliar territories
piecing lives together
mending the tattered and broken

They would also become the teachers
And would tend to others
As they tended to themselves
To bring healing to their own wounds
And wholeness to their hurts

But the road came to an end for their Master
And as a sign of love for his disciples,
He tied a towel around his waist,
knelt down
and washed their feet,
a symbol of his love


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