We’re moving to Mondays!

New Gathering schedule:
2nd & 4th Mondays at 6:30pm

It’s a new year, and we’ve got a new schedule for New Wineskins!

Our first gathering of 2020 will be held Monday, Jan. 27 at 6:30pm.

As of Jan. 1 2020 our host, the Marietta Brewing Company, is now closed on Sundays. So we took the opportunity to consider our options and decide how best to move forward in the new year.

After much thought and reflection, we’ve decided to move our gatherings to the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. In order to better accommodate a weeknight schedule, we’re also going to start a half-hour earlier. We’ll now begin our Happy Half-Hour at 6:00pm and start our program at 6:30.

Schedule changes are always difficult and always leave some folks unable to attend on the new dates. We sincerely apologize if this change means that you won’t be able to attend future gatherings.

But we also realize that this may create new opportunities for people who were previously unable to attend under our old schedule. And so we eagerly welcome you if this change makes it easier for you to join us!

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We’ll be making an announcement soon about our Jan. 27 gathering, so stay tuned!

Grace and peace,
Joe Webb
New Wineskins Founder

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