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If you’re just starting to think about launching a new community or if you’re in the early stages and need some assistance, we can help you figure out what makes sense in your particular context and get things up and running.

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Many micro communities don’t have the advantage of denominational structures or organizational support. By networking together with other small membership communities, you’ll gain access to shared resources, expertise, and peer support.

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From local justice initiatives to widespread liberation movements, we believe a rising tide lifts all ships. Our network offers you the ability not only to tap into what our affiliate communities are already up to, but to dream, plan, and act cooperatively.

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New Wineskins

An online faith community for spiritual exiles

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Accidental Tomatoes

Podcast & blog site focused on spiritual/religious deconstruction & reconstruction

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Justice & Jubilee

Following the call of Jesus and the prophets to dismantle systems of oppression, speak truth to power, and move beyond acts of charity to practices of solidarity with people who have been historically excluded by Empire.

WV Faith Leaders Network

Bridging the gap between clergy, organizers, activists, and impacted populations by fostering relationships of trust to work together for social change 

Rolling Nation

Bringing accessibility into the mainstream by empowering people, including people with disabilities

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