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Lent 2021

What does Lent look like when you move the focus away from mortality and toward resurrection?

Led by members of our community, New Wineskins will observe the season of Lent by engaging and reflecting on a series of spiritual practices within the broader context of resurrection.

We’ll introduce a new practice each Sunday evening, along with some basic background and instruction. The following Sunday, we’ll reflect together on that week’s practice and how we experienced it. Then we’ll introduce a new practice for the following week.

Join us each week in our New Wineskins Virtual Pub as we experience this Lent of Resurrection together as a community.

March 28-April 4 (Holy Week): The sacramental universe

Led by Joe Webb

  • If the Christ is present in all things across the continuum of time and space and is embodied in the human person of Jesus of Nazareth, then the material world is infused with holiness. For the week leading up to Easter, Joe will guide us on an experience of discovering the sacred in the mundane and discovering the wholeness of All Things in what Richard Rohr refers to as our “Christ-soaked universe.”

Holy Week gatherings:

Sunday, March 28: Palm Sunday (regular Sunday gathering: Happy Half-Hour at 6pm, Conversation at 6:30)

Friday, April 2: Good Friday Meditation (6:00-6:30pm)

Sunday, April 4: Easter Sunday Celebration of Resurrection (6:00-6:30pm)

March 21-28: Quilted iconography of racial justice

Led by Barbara Rogerson

  • Studying holy images has become a lost discipline in many faith communities, but it has deep roots in almost every tradition. Using sections of her Underground Railroad quilt as guides, Barbara will help us see how visual arts can bring forth deep spiritual truths, and how sharing those in the context of community can enhance our collective theology of justice for the oppressed.

March 14-21: A divine ecology

Led by Dale Lature

  • A theology of ecological justice is more than just “creation care.” How we interact with the planet and the cosmos says everything about how we interact with the divine presence. Dale will give us specific practices to help us examine and reflect on the environment as a holistic act of worship.

March 7-14: Lectio divina and storytelling

Led by Drew Willard

  • How we hear, interpret, and tell sacred stories helps us both live into and out of the narratives that shape us. Using the resurrection text from Luke 24:5-8, Drew will guide us on a community journey through story and give us the opportunity to express how we experience the divine through the tales that arise within us.

Feb. 28-March 7: Prompted writing

Led by Chris Wylie

  • Writing or journaling from a specific prompt is a way for communities to experience collective consciousness through a diversity of creative expression. Chris will provide us with prompts centered on the concept of resurrection for us to respond to in some type of written form and then discuss as a group. We may be surprised at how the holy reveals itself through our words.

Feb. 21-28: Fasting AND…

Led by Susan Moellendick

  • Fasting is an ancient spiritual discipline practiced in many cultures and faith traditions. For our first week in Lent, Susan will show us how fasting can be paired with other practices to create a richer experience of the divine presence.

Every Sunday
6:00pm: Zoom connection opens for Happy Half Hour social time
6:30pm: Conversation begins

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