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Does “church” feel uncomfortable? Let’s change that.

For many people, “church” has become an uncomfortable place. A place where people have been misjudged, mistreated, and misunderstood. Where the story of life and of God is a story that hurts instead of helps, that robs people of joy, and that confronts our deepest needs with demands we can never meet.

But what if that’s the wrong story? What if there’s a better story? One that heals, one that overflows with joy, and one that meets your needs with love and compassion?

We invite you to be part of that story.

Join us every Sunday evening via Zoom as we gather around the virtual table to journey into the story of who we really are. Of the people we were created to be.

We welcome all people of all backgrounds, orientations and experiences. Bring your hardest questions and deepest doubts. Feel free to invite your friends.

A Note from Joe, Facilitator

Hi, I’m Joe. I wanted to share a bit about myself – I don’t consider myself the “leader” of New Wineskins, but I am the point of contact for the group and facilitate each week.

My deconstruction started in 8th grade, and I’ve been moving against the grain ever since. I am an Ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church, and a trained graphic designer. I guess I’m a pretty creative person, and I’m grateful for the community that has gathered as New Wineskins.

All of us that gather, we’ve worked to create a counter-cultural vibe in the online gatherings, focusing on shared vulnerability and keeping things organic.

We started as a small pub gathering in 2014, but after the pandemic we decided to go online. Our mindset is, and always has been: don’t be afraid to lose what you have to grow something new. Our risk-taking culture allowed us to move online, while still holding onto our theological edge and commitment to justice.

“New Wineskins is about love expanding to people on the margins. That’s my jam and these are my people. Oh, and we cuss a lot. “

Chris, member

Commitment to Liberation

Regional Reconciling Community of the
Reconciling Ministries Network

We are proud to be a Regional Reconciling Community of the Reconciling Ministries Network. Everyone is welcome at God’s table, no matter what.

Some of the initiatives we’ve participated in include fundraising for Erase Medical Debt, and helping fund wheelchair accessible vans through the Rolling Nation Network.

We actively encourage members to attend local Pride Events, and represent God’s love in the world for all people.

And we don’t avoid the hard topics – liberation from oppression is an active, daily struggle. Some things that are tackled during our weekly conversations and on our content platform Accidental Tomatoes:

  • Mental illness
  • Systemic racism
  • Finding ways to dismantle hateful theology
  • Greed
  • Materialism
  • Colonialism
  • Patriarchy
  • Mistreatment of people with disabilities… and more.

“This community has been life-changing. We can throw out all kinds of things, no matter what your upbringing and beliefs.

There are things I only know because I’ve been a part of this community. You can’t get this stuff anywhere else.”

Terry and Kevin, members

Want to learn more?

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