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Feb. 14 Gathering: Preparing a Lent for Spiritual Exiles

What does Lent look like when you move the focus away from mortality and toward resurrection?

Let by members of our community, New Wineskins will observe the coming season of Lent by engaging and reflecting on a series of spiritual practices within the broader context of resurrection.

We’ll introduce a new practice each Sunday evening, along with some basic background and instruction. The following Sunday, we’ll reflect together on that week’s practice and how we experienced it. Then we’ll introduce a new practice for the following week.

This Sunday we’ll continue to brainstorm the practices we wish to engage with and finalize our schedule for the Lenten season, which begins with Ash Wednesday on Feb. 17.

Here’s a quick outline what our tentative schedule looks like (subject to change):

Join us this Sunday, Feb. 14 in our New Wineskins Virtual Pub as we prepare ourselves as a community to participate together in a Lent for Spiritual Exiles!

6:00pm: Zoom connection opens for Happy Half-Hour (meet & greet)
6:30pm: Conversation begins

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