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Sept. 13 Gathering: Wilderness

In the biblical narrative, wilderness is often seen as a place where a person or people are put to the test. It’s a time of trial, often seen—at least with the benefit of hindsight—as a type of suffering for which vindication is ultimately rewarded.

But what if we took a slightly different view of the wilderness metaphor? What if we thought of it not so much as a suffering to be discharged, but as a necessary challenge without which no growth can come?

This week at New Wineskins we’ll talk about what wilderness experiences look like in our lives and what they might have to teach us.

Join us this Sunday, Sept. 13, in our New Wineskins Virtual Pub for a conversation about meeting the challenges of wilderness…and discuss whether the people of Jesus are once again facing a wilderness moment.

Happy Half-Hour Connection opens at 6:00pm (EDT)
Conversation begins at 6:30pm

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